Imagine a different way to enjoy the interplay between light and sound.
Focus on bringing a unique enjoyment on the way we usually get seduced by the interplay between light and sound.
Cantador was designed based in our experiences.

Cantador is a simple and elegant ceiling lamp which lights beams bouncedown and up with indirect light thanks to the acid finish glass. Its LEDs are hidden in the top edge part of the lamp that is a die cast aluminum crown. 
The LEDs glow an intense downwards beams which create a bright pattern all around. Cantador is also integrated with a sound transducer that produce vibrations into the glass surface for sound.

How Cantador works. 
Sync Cantador with your Smart-device and play your music. 
By choosing "interplay" on the app, it allows MIDI to map sound inputs produced by the sound-transducer into changes of light that goes according to your music and the way you want it to be. 
Working Prototype
Miguel Silva Design


Domus Academy
Lexus Award

Final project

Design and strategy
Miguel Silva
Feature in Yanko design
Feature in Coroflot
Feature in Tuvie
Feature in Domus Academy blog
Shortlisted in Lexus design award by Designboom
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